14u, 12u, 10u scrimmage June 24th

Posted by Matt Carpenter on Jun 15 2017 at 10:21AM PDT

We will have a scrimmage with Fontana on June 24th at the Fontana Park Aquatics center at 15610 Summit Ave, Fontana, CA 92336. Times will be as follows:

10u: Arrive 10:00, play from 10:30-11:00
12u: Arrive 10:30, play from 11:00 – 11:30
14u: Arrive 11:30, play from 11:30 – Noon

Some athletes will be asked to play in multiple age groups. Coaches will try to let you know that in advance. If you are brand new to the sport, this is a great place for you to learn. It will be a low pressure environment, and the flow of the game can be stopped to help explain and teach as we go. See you all there!


2017-06-15T22:12:18.000-07:00June 15 2017, at 10:12 PM PDT, Hunter Kirby said:

Hunter will be there

2017-06-22T07:48:58.000-07:00June 22 2017, at 07:48 AM PDT, Lily Cline said:

Lily will be there