Back To Practice Reminders

Posted by SAND CANYON WATER POLO CLUB on Aug 14 2020 at 01:12PM PDT

Sand Canyon WPC
1st week practice reminders:
• Paperwork to bring
o Bring hard copy of your USAWP current registration (
o Bring hard copy of the USAWP COVID 19 waiver (you will be asked to complete when adding or renewing your membership)
o Bring hard copy of the SBCCD Waiver (you can access on our website
• Equipment to bring
o Mask
o Suit – wear your suit to practice (remember no access to changing rooms for athletes)
o A ball if you own one – if numbers allow, we will provide balls for all athletes but best to bring your own
o Swim cap – not mandatory but recommended for those with long hair
o Towel
o Other optional items: exercise bands, gallon milk jug, weight belt
• Schedule Reminders
o HS Boys: Mon/Wed – 2-4pm, Thur – 7-9pm
o HS Girls: Tues/Thur/Fri – 2-4pm
o Youth: Mon/Wed/Fri – 6-8pm
o Splashball: Mon/Wed/Fri – 6-715pm
• Other Important Reminders
o Athletes need to be picked up on time!
o Listen to your coaches for instructions on entering and exiting pool
o Always be mindful of social distancing
o Keep your mask on until instructed by coaches to remove
o We’re finally back in the pool… lets HAVE FUN!!!